Voice Casts

Twisted Winds occasionally would give a flash animation in replacement for comic pages :D Such an example is pg 24. It might be a while before the chars come into use. To get a part, contact me at phoenix_star_jedi@hotmail.com.

Current voice casts chosen:
James Dusken: Adam Christian Schupp
Jabbitha Dusken: Brigitta
Coryn Evertone: Mao
Kagarou: Required
Meersalle Mindalee: Judy
Adam Christian Strife:
Princess Aeon Ashtar:
Basil Wood:
Gimbold Artenidus: Yan
Mao: Mao
D'kan Otrax Ridhe Avran Xietho (Dorax):
Roderick Klingsen:
Royanne Klingsen
Ingram Olin:
Lord Hammit:
Rose Artenidus:

Current wav files

Jabbitha Father has gone out of control. His cold fury will destroy everything in his path. There is only one way to do it... I MUST SEAL HIS POWERS!
Basil (done by Brigitta)Hey yey yey yey yey yey yey yey the name's Basil!
AeonBut...But...But father!
GimboldBut Gimmy no likey Gimmy no wanna do this
MeersalleI see great trouble heading this way
CorynWhat was that for? Whisking me up into the air with no explaination?! PUT ME DOWN!
GimboldGimmy no like bath. *James holds candy over the bath for gim to get* Gimmy want candy Gimmy want candy Gimmy want caaannndddyyy
Basil (done by Dal)Something to do with right turns being wrong turns and wrong turns being right turns and Basil asking someone if he has confused them....Dal's good at speaking the speed Basil is ment to speak

Humourous wavs

Basil (done by Brigitta)
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