James Dusken
Name: James Dusken
Jabbitha Dusken
Name: Jabbitha Dusken
Sex: Male Sex: Female
Age:7259 Age:3402
Height:5'2 feet, 157 cm-in feline form Height:5'6 feet, 168 cm-in feline form
Weight:99.45 pounds, 45 kg-in feline form Weight:68.51 pounds, 31 kg-in feline form
Eye colour: Emerald in feline form
Aqua in dracolic form
Eye colour: Violet in feline form
Reddish-purple in dracolic form
Fur colour:Cream in feline form
Steel blue in dracolic form
Fur colour:Orange with red markings in feline form
Reddish-pink in dracolic form
Natural Hair Colour: Dark greenish blue Natural Hair Colour: Brownish red
Species:Dragon Prince- River Lord
Guardian of Death
Species:Dragon Princess- River Lord
Guardian of Air
Relations: Father:- Enos Dusken (dead)
Mother:- Iman Dusken
Wife:- Elizabeth Dusken (dead)
Daughter:- Jabbitha Dusken
Brother:- Jeremiah Dusken
Sister-in-law:- Myia Dusken
Relations: Grandfather:- Enos Dusken (dead)
Grandmother:- Iman Dusken
Father:- James Dusken
Mother:- Elizabeth Dusken (dead)
Uncle:- Jeremiah Dusken
Aunt:- Myia Dusken
Innate Magic:Water magic of the 14th level Innate Magic:Wind magic of the 9th level
2nd Innate Magic: Weather magic of the 10th level 2nd Innate Magic: Water magic of the 3rd level
Learned Magic:String magic of the 7th level Learned Magic:Swords magic of the 1st level
Weapons used: Bone blade and curved daggers Weapons used: Spirit Wind Blade

Name: Gia
Name: Forian
Sex: Female Sex: Male
Age:Unknown Age:Unknown
Height:Varies Height:Varies
Weight:Varies Weight:Varies
Eye colour: Grey Eye colour: Bluish-Green
Skin colour:Beige Skin colour:Beige
Natural Hair Colour: Bright green Natural Hair Colour: Sun Yellow
Species:Diety-Mistresss of Fate Species:Diety-Master of Time
Relations: NA Relations: NA
Innate Magic:Twisting of Fate Innate Magic:Twisting of Time
2nd Innate Magic: Vortex Travelling 2nd Innate Magic: Vortex Travelling
Learned Magic:NA Learned Magic:NA
Weapons used: NA Learned Magic:NA

Coryn Evertone
Name: Coryn Evertone
Name: Kagarou (Kaga)
Sex: Male Sex: Male
Age:Unknown, rumour has it he's older than James Age:5
Height:7'2 feet, 218 cm Height:7'5 feet, 226 cm
Weight:141.44 pounds, 64kg Weight:123.76 pounds, 66kg
Eye colour: Fiery Orange Eye colour: Steel blue
Fur colour:Red with cream markings Scale colour:Bright Orange
Natural Hair Colour: Rusty brown Natural Hair Colour: NA
Favourite form: vulpine
Guardian of Change
Species:Terrain Glycer
Relations: Pet:- Kagarou Relations: Owner:- Coryn Evertone
Innate Magic:Shape changing Innate Magic:Fire breathing
2nd Innate Magic: NA 2nd Innate Magic: NA
Learned Magic:Shadow mage of the 3rd level Learned Magic:NA
Weapons used: Whip and his tongue Weapons used: Teeth, claws and tail

Name: Meersalle Mindalee
Adam Christian Strife
Name: Adam Christian Strife
Sex: Female Sex: Male
Age:25 Age:20
Height:6'3 feet, 190.5 cm Height:6'0 feet, 183cm
Weight:117.13 pounds, 53kg Weight:165 pounds, 74kg
Eye colour: Yellowish-white Eye colour: Deep blue
Fur colour:Grey Skin colour:Beige
Natural Hair Colour: Violet with green streaks Natural Hair Colour: Blonde
Species:Wolf Furian
Guardian of the Future
Relations: NA Relations: NA
Innate Magic:Foresight Innate Magic:NA
2nd Innate Magic: Light magic 2nd level 2nd Innate Magic: NA
Learned Magic:2nd Sight Learned Magic:NA
Weapons used: NA Weapons used: Colt 45 revolver pistol

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